Poetry: A Tuesday Two Days Ago


It’s not that I’ve stopped caring for you

and only wish for your demise.

I am not that simple.

But I do hope

you’re feeling regret.

It hurts so much more

to think

that you think

you made the right decision.

I do hope

you’ve realized what you’ve let go

and it hurts you,

only enough,

so that you’ll remember me

And if I never get you back,

I’m fine with that.

So long as you still get those bittersweet butterflies

in between your lungs

when you see me down the road

smiling, laughing,

and think to yourself

“I should have never let her go.”

Please, be happy in all you do,

but never forget,

I beg of you.

It hurts to know that

I am so easily



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