Month: February 2019

Poetry: Welcome Home

2006 Welcome Home The single most amazing feeling Of traveling Is the uncontrolled and complete Satisfaction Of seeing your luggage Finally come 'round On the number three International Baggage claim

Lenore, the Kitchen Witch

In the blue-and-white checkered kitchen of my grandmothers’ house in South Florida, a smorgasbord is being concocted. “Tennessee meets Cuba,” Aunt M will say, “No other way 'bout it.” My grandmother rests the heel of her hand on the smooth marble counter, methodically stirring a … Continue reading Lenore, the Kitchen Witch


Poetry: Blue

Blue             adapted from The Blue of Capricorn by Eugene Burdick, 1961 There is a place where the Pacific coldly smokes. Only a thin, razor-sharp tendril of steam. Gray, dense, impenetrable, ominous. This is my Pacific. But it is a different place, a different personality, … Continue reading Poetry: Blue

Poetry: Winter Shivers

WINTER SHIVERS                                                             ((( to burrow, furrow ))) to nuzzle, cuddle & noodle to jitterbug                                           CUT A RUG!                             to smoke a blunt ---- chug & glug to hide, bide and tick the time… to bump, brew, check the news!             to stoke the … Continue reading Poetry: Winter Shivers