I am a woman living in Kansas City. I am married. I have a dog.

I graduated with a B.S. in Creative Writing & Sociology in 2012.

I have been working a paper-slinging, desk jockey job since I graduated. I took it because I needed to pay rent, and I continue to stay at it because it pays rent.

The site, Idiosyncrasies of a Pig, was originally created to serve as a hobby space where I would write about food, with humor and creativity. It was my attempt at keeping my writing soul alive while at a not-too-particularly stimulating office job.

What I have learned since is that I don’t have that much (left) to say about food. This created quite a challenge to stay motivated, or to even enjoy writing, when I created this totally unnecessary confine. The “blog” became a joyless cage that soon became a guilt when I abandoned it.

So, we’ll put it to bed. I will leave all previous posts up, but they are ghosts of a theme that didn’t quite take. Good night, Idiosyncrasies of a Pig.

And with that, let us step forward and onward.

Welcome to DamaCavia, an online portfolio, and showcase, for my various writing samples. I will dump what I’m drafting, refresh previous works, and ideally, archive any of my publications.

Let’s dig in.

What does “damacavia” mean?

It (approximately) means “Guinea Pig Lady” in Italian. It is the ‘net name I chose when I first created a blog/online presence in 2009. I’m stickin’ with it.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey, it’s Carl Gregory, whom you’ve worked with in the past. I was wanting to do some food photography for my personal portfolio, and I know you tackle making interesting dishes. Let me know if you’d like to connect, and allow me to photography your creations.


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