Ode to Snacks: Poetry for the Stomach

Nestlé Mini Chewy SweeTARTS

Oh! My love! How long has it been since

I’ve last felt your touch?

I feel the sting of guilt upon reuniting; it’s almost too much to bear.

Your glossy smooth skin, a delicate glaze over your core of tangy ecstasy.

How dare I penetrate your perfectly weighted bosom,

Undo your neatly creased blouse?

It would be a shame! My love, if you were to

Leave me now.

Darling, pardon my stare, it’s just that you’re

So sweet, so tart, so



Babybel  “Light” Mini Cheeses

Dainty angel, shrouded in baby blue, my


You were, are, a treasure to

Unwrap, and unveil. Peeling your pliable shell, to find

Your tenderness, your purity, you’re

Gone. All too soon, you’re gone.



Chocolate “Sandwich Cookies”

You teach me so much, and yet I

Never learn. So promising, so bewildering.

You tempt me every time I see you.

You change your name, attempting to shroud what you really are.

Newman-O’s, Joe-Joe’s, Great Value – hah!

I recognize you. I hear your siren call.

A harlot of sugar, the creme between your crumbly walls tastes of


You are a beautiful disappointment.


Lays Limón Potato Chips

Más, necesita más.

My jowls turn sour, my tongue engorged

The mariachi moves me to tears.

I am undone, weak and thirsty for

Más, más.



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