Poetry: A Rap*, or TW (Trigger Warning)

Bring it, I wanna sing it

But I can’t breathe, so I cheat it

Suckin’ and touchin’, it’s not my heart that you’re lovin’

Just my cl*t

Feeling this scratch you can’t itch

My hot rhymes that I spit

Touchin’ my lips

Bitchin’, no longer livin’,

Just clingin’ to these lies

Shit, no believin’ in your eyes

I’m between your thighs

Smokin’ on this hope, taste is dope

Bittersweet and full of smoke

Through your lips, to my hips

Kissin’ and lickin’

Praying for tits, feel sick

Breaking your neck just to hear me moan

Back seat of your car with nothin’ on

Your hands around my throat

Cummin’ from your grope

To say stop, to block your cock

Back of your hand to my face

Bust my chop, and you don’t stop

Tellin’ me to, to, to

Pull my skirt up a little higher

Tan my legs a little darker

Yet I feel dumber, sluttier, a little dirtier

With each smoky kiss, tell me this

How can you feel whole

When you’re told

To pout your lips, show tits, shut your mouth

To deny this soul, to bend over

Just to make it home

But now I’m crying

Your lies are tyin’

You – to – the – chair

While the nurses tryin’

To make sense of the

Hospital bed, blood on my head

Bruises on my wrist, twisted bitch

Scrub wearin’ c*nt, let me say it blunt

As you make these stitches

Those were his wishes

He won’t let me say it

What the truth is

That’s hes a c*ck-sucking bastard

Stronger than me

Not smarter than me

Took advantage, and now ruined me

So let me go home

Ignore this a little more

But now I can’t breathe

Between his knees

Doing what I need, just to make it home.


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