Poem: Summer Skin


Summer is creeping upon us

With each hot breath of air through my window at night

And it wraps its humid hands around my ankles as I touch the rosy cheeks in the mirror

Sheets are useless and blankets – out of the question

Dizzy and lazy and heavy

My mind weighed droopily by the judgement of guilty summer love

That comes whisperingly back to me while the cicadas croon midnight blues

The dark navy chord of my subconscious breathes and gasps for a cooling crisp breeze

No mercy from suffocating balconies in May

Why must our June gloom be here early?

Why must our June gloom be here at all?

Summer is so close upon us, miles off the coast, it lies in the horizon and passes the time churning the deep gullet of the Pacific

My, darling

This sneaking summer

Might have given you a reason to stay


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